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Terms and Conditions

Roxies Bouncy Castle Hire

We are pleased you are interested in hiring one of our units. (The word UNIT in terms & conditions means any other inflatable if not a bouncy castle).

Please find your copy of the inflatable hire agreement printed below. (You will sign the original personalised copy at the time of your hire. That document will be retained by ourselves) If you wish to cancel your hire because you do not agree with any of our terms, please contact us immediately, and we will cancel your booking for you as units unfortunately cannot be hired out without your acceptance of our terms.


These are the Terms and Conditions of Hire of Roxies Bouncy Castles, Please read these carefully you will need to signify that you acknowledge and accept these Terms and Conditions.

The company Roxies Bouncy Castles accept no responsibility for damage or Injury whilst our equipment is under hire to you. Please ensure the delivery driver has free and easy access to erect the bouncy castle or unit, onto a clean flat lawn. PLEASE be advised that if we arrive and there is insufficient space or the lawn is unsuitable (e.g. sloping or unclean) full payment still has to be made. Roxies Bouncy Castles reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time, Unsuitable or unclean space or in really bad weather (if more than a light shower or bad wind, we may cancel for safety reasons

  1. Bouncy Castles are strictly for children under 14 years old. Any Child taller that the inside wall is Not permitted to use the unit. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ADULTS ENTER ONTO THE CASTLE as this may result in damage to the castle. Unless the castle is for Adults.[PRODUCT39]Party Time Adult Bouncy Castle[/]
  2. Any damage will have to be paid for by the hirer named in our agreement.
  3. The driver is to be paid upon delivery of the unit, Deposits are non-refundable. Late cancellations are to be charged at the rate of 50%
  4. No signs are to be glued/taped or hung on the castles at all.
  5. You the Hirer/supervisor are responsible for injury or damage occurring whilst the equipment is on hire to you and you are strongly advised to take our Public Liability Insurance covering the use of the Bouncy Castle/Units whilst it is on hire to you. Roxies Bouncy Castles will not accept any loss damage or injury caused on or by one of our units or inflatables.
  6. You Must endure that there is adequate Adult Supervision at ALL TIMES when the castles/unit is in use. The castle cannot be left unattended,
  7. If hired overnight, all accessories MUST to be stored indoors, and your garden must be secure. When not in use the castle is to be covered with the additional cover supplied by ourselves. Loss or damage must be paid for.
  8. Children must remove their shoes before using the Bouncy Castle and children must be prevented from climbing up, sitting on the wall/barriers of the Castle.
  9. No, Smoking, Food, drink, glasses, belts, sharp clothing, silly string, party poppers, and Pets are forbidden on all our units/bouncy castles.
  10. The Hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of the Bouncy Castle and you WILL be charge for any damage caused to it or for any items missing from it on its return.
  11. Equipment returned in a dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning charge. If children who have been face painted use the castle please wipe it clean, due to the makeup staining the unit.
  12. All units are checked on delivery and your signing indicates acceptance of the castle as being in good clean safe condition.
  13. Only our delivery driver in uniform, is authorised to Collect or Move the Bouncy Castle, and under no circumstances should any of the equipment be handed over to anyone other than our delivery driver in our uniform.
  14. All hires that are in a private garden, delivery is between 7am and before 12 noon, collections start from 7pm, if you are wanting later collections, it may be best for overnight hire.
  15. Colour of our Castles do vary. Graphics on the castles may be different from the photo, but themes will be the same.
  16. Extreme caution is to be taken with extension cables, and the blower. The blower is not to be covered by anything.
  17. Do not bounce on the walls or front step, it is for getting on and off.
  18. Ensure that people with Back or neck problems do not use the inflatable.
  19. Do not let people use the inflatable when it is been inflated and deflated.
  20. If raining leave inflatable inflated and prevent use. Please used towels to dry base of castle before reuse, it will cause bubbling in the seams, do not be alarmed.
  22. The safe amount of children on an inflatable at one time is as follows approximately - 15x15ft=8 - 12x16ft = 6 - 11x15ft = 6 - 15x18ft = 8 11x12ft-=5 - ADULT SUPERVISION IS NECESSARY - YOU the Hirer MUST ensure units are staked down at all times. STOP any Horse play. Do not use in high wind or very bad weather, and Never let children play with power switches or turn power on and off.
  23. SOFT PLAY - Children using our soft play must be supervised at all times by an adult. Every item is hygienic and cleaned regular, and made of the best possible materials.
  24. Soft play will not be hired outside in Winter Months or in Rainy Wet days in the Summer Months.So if you can not use it inside, we may cancel your booking or advise using a venue, or changing your unit.
  25. If it is wet on your day of hire, you will be contacted by our staff and asked to change to a different unit to hire, or that you move your hire for soft play indoors or a venue. Sorry if this may cause incontinence, but due to hygiene reasons we can not hire outside in damp weather.
  26. If delivery of your item is to go though a house or building, we will not be responsible for any damage caused. Please make sure you have a clear space through the building as our delivery men do not move any items
  27. NERF MAZE/NERF SHOOT OUT - Please not that all persons using the Inflatable Nerf Maze or Nerf Shootout do so at their own risk. Don not use under the influence of alcohol or Medical conditions or any injuries.
  28. A responsible adult must supervise the units at all times.
  29. No Horse play. Rough Play should be stopped at once.
  30. Larger more boisterous children should be separated from the smaller children.
  31. As with any inflatable, no footwear, dangerous objects, such as pens buckles, purses etc must be removed. Spectacles are better removed unless shatter proof.
  32. Safety goggles are provided and should be warn at all times. No aiming above waist is requested.
  33. GLADIATOR DUEL - Please make sure you abide by the rules above at all times. Boisterous children should be separated from the smaller children. and must be supervised at all time.
  34. Please use the head gear protection provided at all times and remove any glasses.
  35. Do not use if you have any medical conditions or injuries. or under the influence of alcohol. or drugs. neck or back injuries.
  36. If requested to be delivered through building/house, please make sure access is clear, as Roxies Bouncy Castles do not accept any damage caused....
  37. Hire of Hot Tub Spa - If you are pregnant or there is a possibility you are, it is recommended you seek medical advice before using the spa, because there is a high potential for causing foetal damage during the early months of pregnancy.
  38. DO NOT ENTER the hot tub if the water is hotter than 40 degrees. Please test the water before you enter. Please note there is chemicals in the pool, to help kill of the bacteria. Roxies Bouncy Castles do not accept any liability for any alleges this may cause.
  39. DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME, responsible adult supervision at all times is required.
  40. The use of Alcohol, Drugs or Medication before or during the Spa or Hot Tub use can greatly increase the risk of fatal Hypothermia, Symptoms include increase in the Internal Temperature of the body, Dizziness, Lethargy, Drowsiness, Fainting. If any of the symptoms mentions are experienced please exit the hot tub immediately and seek medical advice.
  41. Obese persons, Persons using Medication and persons with medical history of Heart Disease or Low or High Blood Pressure, Circulatory System Problems or Diabetes, skin alleges, should consult a physician before using a Spa or Hot Tub.
  42. Roxies Bouncy Castles or Staff, accept no Liability for any Injuries or damages sustained including allergic reactions or any other result of slipping over or damage to clothing or property
  43. By Hiring a Hot Tub Spa from Roxies Bouncy Castle Hire you must sign to say you are fully responsible for your own health, safety, personal property, and the property of Roxies Bouncy Castles while you hire and use their units. Any damage will be charged for.
  44. Please note colour of our castles does vary. Our themes may be different from the photo shown.
  45. Roxies Bouncy Castles have the right to cancel at any time.

Please sign to confirm that you have read and accepted the above conditions, and that you and all persons using this Inflatable do so at their own risk, the person signing this form and hiring the equipment is responsible for all damage injury caused. Roxies Bouncy Castles cannot be responsible for any injury or damaged caused. By signing you the hirer/supervisor, agree that you are entering into a contract confirming that you are responsibly for any loss, damage or injury, and that you abide by the above conditions, and understand that this contract specified that no-one over the age of 14 will use the unit...

Clear, Side access is required for delivery of inflatable, if requested through building there should not be any obstructions. Roxies Bouncy Castles accept no responsibility for any damage caused during delivery and collection.

I hereby confirm that i have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to hire the equipment from Roxies Bouncy Castles subject to those terms and conditions .

Please contact 07889 180197

If you hire one of our items from another company or person, our insurance will not cover you or the item...Please book direct with us. Thank you