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Frequently Asked Questions

Things to know

What do I need to hire a bouncy castle or other inflatable?
1. A level patch of low grass or smooth paved clean area large enough to site it.
2. 240v power supplies within 25m/50m reach.
3. There is no booking fee on Bookings under £100.
  • Please Note - Set up times are between 7am-12pm and collections start from 7pm on the evening.
  • For hall bookings please leave a note on any additional information on the booking form with times.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor hires, please check the height of the venue before booking.
  • You are required at least 2ft space around each unit.
  • Delivered and set up and moved only by our uniformed Staff.
  • Full payment to be paid on set up on the day, cash or debit card.
  • Includes safety mats, cables, and pegs.
  • Castles are never to be moved only by our uniformed staff.
  • Area must be clean. With clear easy access. Roxies do not accept any liability for any damage caused during delivery. If area not clean, your booking will be cancelled. Sorry
  • Colour of castles do vary.
  • If wanting your hire later than 7pm collection, it may be best to add overnight hire. Delivery set up times are between 7am-12 noon collections start from 7pm unless wanted collection before.
  • No cancellation fee if it rains.Turn off in HIGH WINDS. Please dont turn off in rain, due to flooding of the unit, but discontinue use.
  • £20 booking fee to be paid on bookings £100 and more within 5 days, or your booking will be cancelled, and you will need to re-book.
  • Clear, Side access is required for delivery of inflatables, if requested through building there should not be any obstructions. Roxies Bouncy Castles accept no responsibility for any damage caused during delivery and collection.
  • Children must be supervised at ALL times by a responsible adult. Roxies Bouncy Castles do not accept any liability for any damage or injury caused.
  • Rough play should be stopped and children of same size

Which equipment will fit in my garden?
We need a main grassed area (or suitable flat, smooth tarmac or paved area) with sufficient space around it free from obstacles, i.e. trees and shrubs, fences, steps, walls, etc. The obstacles must not be too close as they may cause damage or be a danger for those using the equipment. We supply a range of bouncy castles/inflatable units, that are suitable for most gardens as well as indoor hire, for example: Typically a 16’x16’ castle is used for children up to the age of 14 years old, with a border of at least 2ft wide all around the castle, so ideally a space of 18’x19’ would be required in this instance.

Can I have the castle indoors?
Yes, most of our castles are suitable for indoor hire, i.e., Community centres, Church Halls, Leisure Centers, etc. and generally depending on lighting/ceiling mounted fans etc. Check out the venues that we use.

However as you the customer, You are responsible, so please check the minimum ceiling height of your selected venue.

Roxies Bouncy Castle Hire do not accept any liability for any damage caused during delivery so please make sure space and access is clear.

What if I don't have a power supply close enough?
We can provide extension leads up to 50 metres, OR we do have For Hire Generators, for and extra cost Generators

Are your castles suitable for use by adults?
Yes we do have castles suitable for adults.
Please see the adult castles Disco Domes & Disco Castles our children's castles are ​NOT suitable for adults.

How do you define an Adult Castle Adult Castle
An adult bouncy castle is built differently to accommodate extra size and weight and for more durability.Party Time Adult Bouncy CastleDisco DomesRed & Black Adultadult castles

What Notice do I need to give to book?
It’s best to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If another company lets you down on the day of hire, or you only just decided to book, you can try booking last minute and if we have anything available we’ll do our best to fit you in.

How can I book a bouncy castle?
The easiest way to book is by using the online booking system or you can call the office. If you wish to discuss your requirements in detail or any special needs please don't hesitate to contact us... 01543 422967. Safe and fastest way to book and check available dates is through our Bouncy Castle Network Booking System on our Website this site has been set up for your convinence and ease. contact us

How can I pay?
Payment is required upon delivery of the inflatable, it can be either Cash, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Checks only accepted 7 days before date of hire accompanied by a valid check guarantee card.

Is there a cancellation charge?
No, you can cancel bookings at any time before the day of hire without penalty. If deposit paid, it will roll on to next booking.

Do I have to pay a deposit ?

Bookings of £100 or more require a £20 none refundable booking fee/deposit. Payable via Bank Transfer - PayPal - Debit Card Payment - and Check or Cash in person. Payment should be made on the day of booking or within 5 days. If deposit is not paid, sorry, your booking will be cancelled. The remaining balance for your hire, is to be paid in full on the day of setup. We do however charge a cleaning Fee if the inflatable is not left in a clean tidy manor. All payments in connection with the hire are to be made at the time of delivery.

How does the cleaning deposit work?

The inflatable should be in the same condition as it was when delivered and setup to you.

If the inflatable is found to be dirty and looks to have been used in a disrespected manor there is a cleaning charge with prices from £20 depending on the condition.

What preparation is needed before you arrive?
We ask that you please ensure that paths and access to the site is free of obstacles, and clean. Please remove any overhanging branches, clothing lines etc. before our arrival. We will also need access to a suitable electricity power point. If area not suitable or clean, we will not hire the unit to you at this time, sorry.

What sort of surface do you need for the castle?
Castles situated outdoors need to be on a reasonably flat grassy area so that they can be staked down. The area needs to be completely free of any sharp stones, objects, dog mess etc. Please let us know if the ground is hard standing such as a patio area or concrete so we can take extra measures as not to damage the unit and provide the correct anchorage to secure the unit where pegs cannot be used.

If you are unsure we can visit the site to assess its suitability.

How is the inflatable secured to the ground?
Pegs are usually used to secure the inflatable - however if on a hard surface such as concrete then we need to bolt the inflatable to the ground with thunderbolts, holes will be filled in on collection, If in doubt about the set up area then please contact us.

What about indoors?
All of our units are suitable for indoor hire (height depending) It is the Customers responsibility to check room heights before booking.

In order to secure the unit, in this case we use sandbags to keep the inflatable in a safe stable manner. Indoors have priority when it comes to delivery and collection times. This is due to strict time keeping policies that tends to come with hall hire. Request a list of Venue that we have used our inflatables in.or contact us 01543 422967

What happens if it rains on the day of a hire?
Most of our inflatables come with shower/sun covers but if you still decide to cancel due to weather conditions, then please let us know as soon as possible preferably before 8am. You will not be charged for making the decision. Call 07889 180197

We also reserve the right to cancel in the instance of extreme weather conditions as safety is considered paramount by us - such as relentless rain or high winds.

What happens if it rains during a hire?
All of our units are operated with Water Proof IP rated leads to the fans, and also have weatherproof connectors for external use (the plug to the mains must be indoors). Most of our castles come with shower covers, but it is recommended that you stop use if the rain becomes heavy, as the castle can become slippery when wet. This can be dried with a towel if the rain seems to have eased up.

How does the inflatable operate?
All of our units run on electric fans. The blowers must be kept switched on at all times the castle is on hire. Failure to do this will result in the castle deflating. Do not let children go by the fan or turn off the power.

How much does the castle cost for me to run?
On average electric costs about £0.12p - £0.20 for every 1 hours. Depending on your tariff.

Can I keep the castle overnight?
Yes on selected inflatables, but there is an extra charge from £30.

How many children are allowed on the inflatable at a time?
It all depends on the age and size of the children and what they are doing. As a general rule there should be enough space for each child to jump safely with enough room as not to bounce into others or fall off the inflatable itself. A responsible adult should always supervise and common sense must prevail.

Can you provide supervision for the duration of hire?
Yes, for an extra charge, we can provide a supervisor to manage the inflatable for the hire term, check in staff for prices or contact us for details.Event Staff

How can I be sure that you won't let me down?
We are a family business and pride ourselves on our strong reputation which we have built over many years.

Many of our customers come back to us year after year, with the peace of mind that the service they receive is of an excellent standard. We will contact you a couple of days prior to your hire to ensure all is as planned. You can be assured we will not let you down on the day Obviously like everyone else we are susceptible to events beyond our control like traffic delays & accidents (even if we are not directly involved) but thankfully we have never been affected to any degree with these issues.Testimonials

What happens if there is a problem with the bouncy castle?
It is unlikely you will encounter any problems as our equipment is regularly serviced cleaned, tested and well maintained. Providing the equipment is used in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, then there should be no problems, however should any difficulty arise you should contact us immediately, so that we can come out as soon as possible to rectify the problem. on - 07889 180197

Health and Safety state regulations for how many children on a bouncy castle at a time, but each child is different in size and weight, children should be supervised at all times and rough play should not be allowed to occur on the inflatable, You the Hirer/Supervisor are responsible for the amount of children on the inflatable at any given time and should remove children accordingly to maintain a safe amount and to take turns to save injury. It is the supervisor’s Hirer’s responsibility…

Please be aware, that if you hire one of our products from a different company or person other than Roxies Bouncy Castle Hire, our insurance will not cover you or the product. Please hire from us direct.

Adults are not allowed on the children’s' inflatables. No Pets, silly string, party poppers, chewing gum food or drink. Any damage caused to any of the equipment whilst in your care shall be charged accordingly.

Roxies Bouncy Castles will not accept any responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the use of any of our Inflatables. Supervision is required at all times by a responsible adult.

You the hirer/supervisor, agree to you, been responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused and that you abide to all the conditions of hire.

Should you have any further questions please feel contact us by

Tel No - 07889 180197 or 01543 422967

Terms and Conditions