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Twister Slide Disco Dome

Here we have the Disco Dome with a built in Twister Slide, to add to the fun of the lights and the blue tooth music system.

Its bright fun colours attract the eyes, and the dark interior adds to the light show inside that will dance to your chosen music on you play list that you blue tooth to the speaker music system inside the castle. (you will be shown how to connect the chosen device to the unit)

This Disco Dome requires a 4ft access to get to your set up area, which needs to be a clear space, preferable on grass or if on hard-standing will need to be bolted to the ground, (all holes will be filled in on collection)

This unit requires at least 2 feet around the castle

Can be used indoors or out side, must be bolted to the ground.

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Original Price: From £170Special Offer: From £140

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Available Overnight for an extra £30

Asset Size:18.5ft22ft13ft
Required Space:22 ft28 ft13.3 ft
Slide Platform Height:8 ft
Required Access Width:4.5 ft
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Hard Surface

Age RangeSuitable

The Disco Dome Twister Slide castle is ideal for extra fun with a disco bounce area with a curved slide returning you back to the front and you will not need to hire a disco as the music and lights come with the unit, and even better you play your own chosen music as the music system is blue tooth, you just connect your chosen device with blue tooth the the system inside the Bouncy castle dome and away you go and bounce to the light that it are activated with the sound of the music.

Safety Mats, Cables, Music System, Lights, Peg/Stacks are all provided, by our experience staff, who will set up your unit and instruct you of safety notes.

Please make sure you have a music play list on your chosen device so you can blue tooth the music to the system. You will be given instructions on how to use it on set up.

You can use your phone, ipad, iphone. smart phone, lap top, anything with blue tooth as long as you have your chosen music play list.

We supply all the cables, safety mats and blower, and we deliver at times to suit you and set it all up for you, you only have to provide a power socket for our cable, then you can enjoy your fun day, before we collect and take it away at times to suit you, unless you have hired extra overnight hire.

If this is required on hardstand, we have to drill small nail like holes into the ground to thunder bolt it in for safety. The holes are then filled in when the unit is collected. If unsure, please contact us. Contact Us 01543 422967

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